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I think the title says it all but let me personally welcome you to the new look My Random Jukebox! The blog has packed its virtual bags and moved to a new home to begin a fresh adventure into the world of music. I have decided to leave its this old home on Blogger and move to its very own website at:


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Logo smallI will apologise if you are experiencing any issues while using the site in the early days as the site has been created by yours truly. All this website stuff is new to me so I’m learning as I go along. I will be adding a few new features over the coming months once I learn how to get the ideas from my head out onto the site.

One thing that will not change is the great music that I will be sharing with all of you awesome readers!

Introducing Iceni

Back in October 2013 I wrote about seeing Jamie Cullam live (see October gig Jamie Cullum) and how I was surprised by the support act on the night, a local band called Iceni. This band have challenged my usual musical preferences by delivering an impressive power pop sound that I find hard to resist.

Iceni are an all female trio who comprise of Lindsay Hannon (vocals, bass), Liz Corney (vocals, keys) and Lady Caroline Mary (vocals, drums). As you can see there are NO LEAD GUITARS involved in this band and as much as I love guitars they have managed to win me over with their addictive piano driven sound.

In July 2013 Iceni released their debut self titled EP which is a vocal delight. The way these ladies harmonise is wonderful to listen to and a great example of how it should be done. I also enjoy how the lead vocals are shared between Lindsay and Liz as it helps to make each song more individual but still delivering their great sound. These vocals are used effectively to deliver some well written lyrics which at times have such a catchy feel that you can’t help singing along with the choruses.

Musically the keyboard/piano takes centre stage with the vocals as together it drives the bands overall sound. These elements may be the focal points to the music but you can’t take away how integral the rest of the band are as there is a group effort.

Each track stands out on its own merits which shows their impressive songwriting abilities. One of the standout tracks ‘All Roads’ has a great upbeat tempo which differs from the tracks. I personally prefer the energy they produce on this song. My overall favourite track is without a doubt ‘Trail of Dead’ which showcases the bands fantastic sound. We get to hear a new side to Liz’s vocals as we get to hear that her voice can pack a punch! We also get to hear more outstanding harmonies but we are also treated to some very cool drumming which really helps to make this song stand out. I never get tired of listening to this track.

I am still surprised that I am a fan of this band considering their sound is so different to what you would usually find in my music collection. I think this shows how great their music is if they can convert the likes of me. I highly recommend that you check out Iceni and if you want to hear more then head over to their Soundcloud page.

I have seen Iceni perform live twice now and both times they sounded great. When I saw them perform recently at The Boiler Shop Steamer in Newcastle I thought they sounded even better live compared to their EP. They performed a new track called ‘The Drumming Song’ which was sung by Lady Caroline Mary and it was one of my favourite on the night. Other tracks that stood out was Trail of Dead and their epic cover version of Gloria (from the soundtrack Flashdance).

Their website Icenimusic.net mentions that they are working on a new album soon and I will be eager to hear it to see how their sound evolves. Until its release you can say hello to the ladies on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter where you can also get more information about the bands adventures. Iceni are here and their music is waiting for you!!!