Where have all the Music Legends gone?

While walking to work, I was listening to some Aerosmith (off of my favourite bands ever) and I had a random thought:

“When Steve Tyler quits music or passes away, who will I listen to that will have the same LEGEND status?”

I know this sounds a bit weird but most of the great artists that I really like have either passed away or getting close to a possible end to their career.  Let’s face it there were some visionaries in the past that pushed the boundaries of music like Hendrix, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson the list could go on.  These visionaries are classed as legends in their own right not just in their musical areas of expertise.

The music world back then was such a different world as access was limited compared to the almost endless choices that we have today.  Maybe because of the lack of options back then it made it easier to notice these great artists or they just got that lucky break.  Today similar types of artists would probably be drowned out the endless supply of manufactured commercial music that fills our TV or radio today (I’m so glad I don’t use these sources for music).

What defines a music legend? I am not sure what the criteria would be but I’m guessing its more of a personal statement.  For me, a music legend has to do the following:

Write/produce music that will inspire other musicians

Write/produce at least 3 studio albums of which one of them needs to be (for the listener) outstanding

Not only produce great music, but have personality.  I know it sounds weird but I like an artist you either relate to, find funny or is eccentric.  Just something else as well as the music

I am not saying that there are no amazing artists in the music world today, more that there seems to be less artists who can change the music world.  This maybe because most styles have been covered or because of the money involved in the music business that people are less likely to try a new sound out.

I know a lot of my personal music legends seemed to be music that I have listened to while growing up and have been implanted in my brain, but it is still music that sounds amazing after all this time.  You can even called it “TIMELESS”.  Let me know your thoughts on this topic and share your music legends or even artists that you feel may become music legends of the future.