Jessi Robertson “My Musical Influence”

I’m continuing on the topic of music legends (see Where have all the music legends gone?) and this post features the songstress Jessi Robertson.  I’m only a new fan of Jessi’s music  but she has become an instant hit with me (see posts Introducing Jessi Robertson Part 1 & Part 2).  If you like your music with heart then this is the artist for you.  I asked Jessi the following questions about her music influences and here are her replies:

Which musician/personal music legend has been the biggest influence on your music?

Most of the time I say Jeff Buckley is my biggest influence, although our sounds are often very dissimilar. His music put me on the path I'm following today. But Patty Griffin has been one of my biggest influences during my career as a singer/songwriter. There are so many reasons I admire her. She's tenacious with a voice that can be piercing or tender, and few songwriters can match her skill as a lyricist. I always really feel what she's trying to say, down in my bones. Her writing is fresh, and honest, and fierce when need be.

If you were to educate me in the music of this artist, which album would you recommend?

"Living With Ghosts", Patty Griffin's debut album, is really just vocals and acoustic guitar. She had set out to record a full studio album and ended up scrapping it and going with a raw and simple sound. Every single song on that album is beautiful. I also really love her album "1,000 Kisses", in particular the song "Making Pies." It's a song with a secret romantic core hidden under the protagonist's mundane existence. It made me look at people differently. It made me remember that we all have our secret victories and tragedies regardless of what people think they see on the surface.

After listening to “Living With Ghosts” I can definitely hear the influence within music from Jessi.  The album itself was good,  my pick off the album has to be the tender “Not alone”. The only issue I had with the album is that its tone seemed too similar and therefore it’s not going to be an addition to my collection.  I would love to hear Jessi cover “Not alone” as I think her vocal tone would be the icing on this musical cake.  Check out more about Jessi Robertson at