Pink Christmas

Hadleigh Ford - Pink Christmas - cover


A regular friend of the blog Hadleigh Ford has released a Christmas album which is ALL original material.  Its called “Pink Christmas”.  Hadleigh has got together with his friends and family to create this festive album.  This is a collection of nine tracks which shows that there are artists who will still write some original Christmas songs.  For me personally, I hear too many Christmas covers songs, nothing wrong with that (I enjoy a good Christmas cover as much as the next person) but its nice to hear something shiny and new.


Yeah! It's Christmas Time! by Sophie Reynolds

I’ll let Hadleigh talk about the album in his own words, here he describes why he decided to put this album together:

I am honoured to announce the pre-release of 'Pink Christmas' an album of original Christmas songs written by an amazing array of acoustic talent! 100% of the proceeds from the album are being donated to the Breast Cancer Care ward at Queen's Hospital Romford. A member of my family was recently treated at Queens and the superb care she received there prompted me to do something to say a big thank you to the staff. I was so pleased that so many talented musicians and friends wanted to take the time to contribute to the album and the quality of the music has made this project something to be really proud of.”

Haversham Christmas by Eileen Ford

Here is the full track listings with links to each artists sites:

Matt Bonner - How It Used To Be

Dani Walsh - Come Around

Eileen Ford - Haversham Christmas

Betty Woz 'ere - I Bloody Love Christmas!

Russell And The Wolf Choir - The Compass And The Foal

Jakob Deist - I Just Want To Say Merry Christmas 

C, John Freeborn - Not On Christmas Day 

Sophie Reynolds - Yeah! It's Christmas Time!

Hadleigh Ford - My Time To Shine

I will be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album as I have only heard music by three out of the nine artists but all I can say is . . . . . . . (lost for words).  This album has a great mix of sounds and there is something for everyone here.  There is no doubt that there is talent including some amazing vocals and lyrics for a listeners delight.  It’s been tough to chose some favourites, but I guess I need to let you know which ones they are.  I recommend tracks by Dani Walsh (Come Round) and Jakob Deist (I Just want to say Merry Christmas) are definitely my kind of acoustic sound that works for me.  However my overall favourite is from Hadleigh himself (My time to shine) as I think its one of his best works to date, easily in my top 3 tracks by him.  But they are all good, check them all out! 

My Time To Shine by Hadleigh Ford

This is a great festive album and more than worth the money. Also you have the added bonus when purchasing this album is that money raised from this album goes to a worthy charity. A great representation for Christmas, its all about the giving!  Now its you turn to give, go to the link below and show some love for Christmas: