Adam Jensen is back! everyone, in case you are wondering who Adam Jensen is then do not fear let me explain.  Adam is the guy behind the voice and music of the band Mission Hill (see post Mission Hill).  I have been a fan of Adams work for few years now and I have to admit I was a bit gutted when I heard that Mission Hill had gone their separate ways.  However, when Adam told me he was working on solo material all was right again.  He assured me that his new solo material was going to be worth the wait.

Adam has just released his new EP “Head on a String” and he was right, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!  Adam has continued where he left off with more catchy lyrics and his voice is sounding even better!

The five track album is another all killer no filler EP, each track could be used as a single release.  One of the strongest sides to the music he creates is his amazing gift for writing descriptive but catchy lyrics. He seems to add so much emotion and story into songs without ever over complicating them, this EP is a great example of that.  Each of the tracks contains the common element of Adams amazing ability to add the right kind of vocal emotion into his lyrics and as I said earlier, his voice is sounding even better.

He has chose “Monster” as his first release which is one of the strongest tracks on the EP and it will be a great success for him. However, its not my favourite on there, my choice would be the track “Lost without You”.  This track demonstrates what I was saying earlier about his writing skills with the right amount of emotion in the vocals.  I have to mention the track “Redemption Man” as it has a different sound to what I'm used to with a country/rock sound. Its nice to hear him try something different and its quite good as well.

If you want to listen to the music I am talking about, then do not fear check out the player below or go to Adam’s SoundCloud site to stream his new release.

Adam Jensen - Head on a String EP by AdamJensenMusic

Enough about me talking about the EP, I asked Adam what this EP release meant to him and he kindly replied with:

“this release definitely means a lot man. i wrote a ton of songs for the EP and whittled it down to 5 so they are all songs that I'm really proud of. also its a project where i have complete control over the sound and to have my band rocking out on this cd is awesome!”

Just to give you a little bonus, I’ve added the live acoustic version of Adam singing “Dream On” originally by Aerosmith.  Regular readers will know that I am an huge Aerosmith fan and I do fear anybody that covers their music.  However, I do approve of his version!  Adam show’s how good his voice is live and demonstrates his natural talent (even though he didn't hit the higher notes towards the end, but Steve Tyler’s voice is EPIC!).

As always, if you like what you have heard and want to find out more, then check out the sites below.  Go say hello to Adam as he’s a good guy who has time for his fans.  I’m hoping this EP gives Adam some more momentum to create some more music and hopefully a new album!  Don’t forget, it’s up to us fans to spread the word of the music we love! We have the power, let’s use it!