A band ask me to check out their music (on twitter) so I had a look on their twitter page and they describe themselves as “think Tom Petty meets Matchbox Twenty meets Augustana meets Goo Goo Dolls meets Bon Jovi meets Keith Urban” Considering I have most of these artists in my CD collection, how could this not grab my interest?  The band is called BRANDON KIRKLEY AND THE FIRECRACKERS!!!

So, in case you are wondering, did their music sound like they described?  The answer to that question is . . . . . . . . . YES!  Come on, did you think I would have said no?  Don’t get me wrong, its not on the same level as some the bands mentioned but its not far off.  I know that may come across a little bad (it’s not meant to be), but they did compare themselves to some established epic bands!

Years by BKTF

What this band offers is a great rock (with a little country) sound full of catchy music that is more than welcome in my music collection. The bands latest seven EP is called “Years” and every listen seems to get better and better (but it was still good on the first listen ha ha).  For me it’s the combination of Brandon’s vocals and the guitars that steal the show on this EP.  Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics and the rest of the music are great but the guitars and vocals are awesome!  It is one of the albums that will either getting you fist pumping, foot stomping, singing along at the top of your voice or maybe all of them together!

As always, I have to choose my favourite tracks on this EP and lucky for me I have added them onto this post.  My favourite track off the album is the title track “Years” which just sounds so good with its upbeat vibe.  This is one of those tracks that I can’t help singing along to it’s chorus, it has that awesome anthem feeling.  I have to make a special mention to the track “Come On” which that band have just released the video for (you can view it, its further up on this post).  There is something about the simple feel of this track with nice harmonies that seems to have caught my attention.  Like all the the other tracks on the EP, it has that feel good factor.

I have been told by a few fans that live performances by Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers are high energy, fun and something to be experienced.  So if you are lucky enough to get a chance to see them do it (and let me know how good it was).  Feel free to check out the band at the following sites and don’t forget to help spread the word of BRANDON KIRKLEY AND THE FIRECRACKERS.  I have a strong feeling this is not the last you will hear of this band on the blog.





Settle It Down by BKTF