Saint Jude – Ladies and Gents EP

Saint JudeBack in November 2012, the amazing rock band Saint Jude started a project with Pledge Music to get fans help with their new EP “Ladies and Gents”. They smashed their goal with 239% raised, now that is fan power! I’m happy to report that the EP has been released and my signed copy has been delivered!!!

“Ladies and Gents” is a collection of 4 acoustic re-works of tracks from their amazing debut album “Diary Of A Soul Fiend” (see post Saint Jude), 2 new tracks and a cover song.  The cover  is of a track called “Whale Meat Again” by Jim Capaldi which I have to admit I have never heard of, so I didn’t know it was a cover.

The thing that strikes me about the EP is the stripped down more natural sounding feel. The whole band sound strong on this EP and it show’s off how good they are.  I love how the reworked tracks sound and I feel that some of them sound even better (which I didn’t think was possible).  One of my favourite tracks is the rework of “Garden of Eden”.  This track kicks in with some awesome guitar riffs and funky piano before Lynne let’s her amazing vocals fly. This results in a wonderful collective sound that stands out and deserves attention.

As for the cover of “Whale Meat Again”, its good as in REALLY good! After hearing the original, I prefer Saint Jude’s version of it as Lynne’s voice seems to fit the song better and the guitar is sounding sexy bluesy good. Marcus Bonfanti is sounding amazing on this track! I would have liked to hear my favourite track from the band “Down this Road” on this EP as I feel it would have sounded amazing! I have to admit, hope the new album keeps some of this sound as I feel this sound suits them more.

Saint Jude - "Ladies & Gents" EP - Teaser Samples by SaintJude

If you like your rock raw and sounding kick ass then this is an EP that you should own, sorry I mean that you NEED in your collection. I am so happy to have been part of this project as the reward of owning a signed copy of this EP for my collection is awesome. What’s next for Saint Jude? They are working on their new full album and I can’t wait to hear it. No doubt on it’s release it will be featured on here because I have no doubt that it will be rocktastic!