Belt Band need YOUR HELP!!!

I want to introduce you to a crazy ass rock band called BELT. They started following me on twitter and I thought I would check out their music to see if it was something I would enjoy. Obviously, because I’m writing this post I did like their music, actually it’s a more than like! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

There is something about their music that is infectious and so fun! (they say naughty words, so don’t listen if you are easily offended). Their music sounds like if Weezer and Barenaked Ladies conceived a love child. If you enjoy music which is a cocktail of rock, punk, reggae and funk then party on to the music of Belt (if not, then you are missing out). If you "Like" them on Facebook (HERE) they will send you a FREE download of their latest album DISQUIETUDE! Free music from an awesome band, how can you not.

So, why does this awesome band need our help? I will let Terrence Brennan from the band tell you. I asked him why they have chosen the crowd funding route for the new album.

“To answer your question, we chose to crowd fund because after grinding the gears in New York for almost 10 years, we're still broke and relatively unknown, but not ever giving up. We're a gutter based blue collar underground band, but our fans are loyal and rabid. Though the current economy is bad for everyone, we only need to convince 400 of our 3000 something fans to chip in 10 bucks for digital copy of our new album in order to finish the production. Simple math and positive thinking say this will work. The most important thing is this record gets finished.

I truly believe that it's our best work, and the way we recorded it (Live in two days, on some sweet vintage gear) is something rarely done. It's old fashioned raw rock and roll, untainted by big business. It's from the heart, it's of the soul, and lately music ain't got no soul. I think this upcoming record is the magic pill this world needs to swallow to heal our depressed and separated hearts, and that is why people should help us finish it. The success of this band will be proof that against all odds, if you believe in yourself and put LOVE before money, you can achieve miracles.”

What are you waiting for, get yourself over to:

I’ve put my money where my mouth is and chosen the Signed First Edition! I’m going to get myself a signed first edition CD and official letter of thanks from the band. You know I still prefer my CD option.


This band are hyped about their new album and they want to get it out to us fans  (both old and new). We have the power, let’s make this happen! Expect more from Belt over the next few weeks as I have more to offer you in case you are not converted yet! If you are a fan then still tune in and enjoy the music! Until then, find out more from the band or go say hello to the guys at the sites below.

Donate for album:


Facebook (“LIKE” to get free copy of DISQUIETUDE):