Redline Addiction (Side B)

Welcome back to Side B of this two part post about the rock band Redline Addiction. If you missed “Side A” then go to Redline Addiction Side A to catch up on the good stuff you missed out on. It included my review of the bands first disc of their two cd album called “A to B”. This cd had so much good music and I’m pleased to report that the second CD does not disappoint either.

Like the first CD they continue with a mix of various rock styles in their music. If I have to be honest, this disc is not as strong as Disc A, but I’m not saying it’s bad, far from it. This disc rocks and it is home to another one of my overall favourite tracks by the band called “Yesterday’s Wages”. This track has a great message in it’s lyrics about how there is more to life than working hard and I like how the gentle tone on the vocals fits the song perfectly. Another stand out track from the album is “Coming Attraction” which rips in with heavy guitars/loud drums and kick ass vocals. Finally, I have to mention the track “Whiskey Rose” which makes me smile and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the Celtic rock sound that makes me want to go out and have a good time at the nearest pub that might have something to do with it ha ha!

Coming Attraction by Redline Addiction

I decided to ask the band a few more questions about their music and what the future has in store for the band. Here is what they had to say:

On the latest album, which is the track you’re the most proud of & why?

There are a few tracks from our new album that we are proud of so it’s hard to nail down one. Ordinary Fool certainly was the most difficult for us to produce because we had the most creative differences when producing it, mainly because we wanted to get it right since it’s based on a true story of a young man that passed. But ultimately we are happy with how it came out.

I think Duet came out great, and really showcased Rob’s talent and went a bit further into a place that we try to get to but often can’t. I think Left Exit was a nice surprise for us too, since we had only played it a few times before we tracked it, and weren’t sure how it was gonna come out, but it surprised us with a slightly different sound than we normally get. It’s just a bit of fun. Yukon Gold was really brought to life by an amazing horn section from the 8 Ohms Band out of Baltimore, Maryland. And when it gets going I can’t help but nod my head, even though at this point I’ve heard it a million times. 

Yesterday's Wagers by Redline Addiction

What is planned for Red Line Addiction in 2013?

This year, we have Shamrock Fest on March 16th in Washington, DC USA, a Celtic themed festival with a crowd of over 25,000 partiers. We have shows lined up throughout the year, but are taking a bit of a break this summer so that 3/5 band members can get married. But then in the fall we plan on playing as many shows as possible on our fall tour. Hopefully we can get around to preproduction for a new album soon, and if so, we might be filling our winter weekends in the studio. We have a ton of songs written that I’d like to nail down as long as we have enough time and can earn enough cash to produce it.

Is there a message you would like to give to your fans?

Our message to fans is a simple thank you for supporting independent music. There are a lot of struggling artists out there, and fans that take the time to find artists other than Bieber and Gaga truly are inspiring to us. Thanks for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love. Rock!

Whiskey Rose by Redline Addiction

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Redline Addiction and their awesome music. I did really enjoy this, and with two CDS it’s not only a kick ass album but it’s a bargain for music addicts like me! If you like to rock out, then grab yourself a copy of this album NOW!!!

This is going to be one of those bands whose new releases will always get me hyped as I will never know which rock sound they will use (they have so many rock strings to their bow). I do recommend you checking out their earlier albums “Letters” and “Goodbye Miss Dolly” as it is great to hear the evolution of their sound. Check out the sites below and show your support, don’t forget to spread the word of REDLINE ADDICTION!





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