Como Brothers Band ‘Still Waters’ EP

I first came across the Como Brothers last year when I heard their track ‘I Don’t Like You’ on New Driven Radio. This track had a great pop-rock feel with a little attitude and some catchy hooks. I did some homework on the brothers Matt and Andrew Como and found out this track was from their debut release ‘The Speed of Sound’. This EP is a solid release by the brothers, it showed that these guys have some real talent with great vocals and catchy lyrics.

I Don't Like You by comobrothersband

The new release ‘Still Waters’ EP is an evolution of their debut release and showcases that there is so much more to these guys. It seems that since their first release they have learned a lot and it seems they have strengthened every element of their sound. This has resulted in a very strong release that deserves the attention it is receiving.

This EP has a more mature sound than ‘The Speed of Sound’ and they are starting to show us more of their rock side. I have found the vocals are sounding stronger and show improved range and Andrew seems more confident in his guitar skills as he has thrown in a lot of very awesome riffs giving the EP its rockier edge.

The track ‘Parachute’ is the stand out track and it’s causing a stir in a lot of music circles. It ticks all the right boxes which could result in a huge commercial hit with its awesome vocals and some killer guitar riffs. My favourite track ‘Bad Karma’ has a more funky rock edge to it that reminds me a little of music by ‘The Script’. I like how this track has a little bit of attitude to it’s sound and you should check out the awesome guitar solo.

Overall, I highly recommend this EP to anyone who wants a great sounding pop-rock album with some great vocals, catchy lyrics and some cool guitar riffs.

Parachute - Still Waters EP by comobrothersband

I got the chance to ask The Como Brothers a few questions, this is what they said:

This is your second release, did you have a goal in mind before you started writing it? We actually started to write these songs while recording "The Speed of Sound". We started recording them Spring 2012 but put it on the back burner to write/record songs for Kayla Stockert. We finished recording the EP songs during the Summer/Fall of 2012. We also started to record our full length album Summer 2012. Our album will have 12 new songs and is scheduled to be released this summer. We are always writing new songs and will have enough songs for another full length album soon. I guess the answer is that we are always thinking and writing new songs with the goal of improving our craft and enjoy doing it!

Come on, what is it like working together? How do you survive as brothers that work together? It is great to always have a brother to turn to for support, advice and just plain honesty so yes with this comes some battles. Usually the battle is if one of us is really stuck on an idea and we just don't see eye to eye. In these times we can be stubborn but in the end we take each others advice because it does improve the song. We are each others sounding board and best friend so even when things get ugly we work it out. We do respect each others opinion and work on each others songs.

Bad Karma - Still Waters EP by comobrothersband

This is your chance to say something to the readers and your fans, what would you like to say? Wow! We have so much to say so we will try to keep it short. First, we have had an awesome two years coming to this point because of our fans so we want them to know that they are awesome! Without their constant support we would not be where we are. We also want them to know that we are currently trying to get as many radio/television interviews as we can. We are trying to get the word out so tune-in and find out the latest news! We will be playing at The Bitter End in NYC on May 31st so come out to see us. We would love to meet you!

So, a new album is on its way soon, I’ll be having me a copy of that on it’s release. If the level of music from the two EP’s are anything to go by, then this album will be the start of bigger things to come for the brothers. I can’t wait to hear it, but until then grab yourself a copy of ‘The Speed of Sound’ and ‘Still Waters’ EP, you won’t be disappointed.