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One of my favourite things about writing the blog is when I get emails with  recommendations of music to check out, and find the music is good, I mean REALLY good! One of these recommended bands is Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds.

These guys have a cool country rock sound that I really enjoy. I’ll hold my hands up, I don’t have a lot of this country sound in my collection but I am buying more. However, it’s bands like this who continue to open my mind to other genres of music.

Shawn Nelson is no stranger to the music scene as he has already released a few albums to great reviews. However he has returned with his band ‘The Good Buds’ who are Fletcher Murchison (Electric Mandolin), Will Webster (Electric Guitar), Joe Beckham (Bass), Patrick Herzfeld (Drums) and Graham Wilkinson (Harmony Vocals on "Yea Ya Right"). Together they are bringing us some amazing music to keep our ears entertained.

One Day by ShawnNelsonMusic

Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds have produced a new 4 track EP called ‘Enough’, which to be honest isn’t enough as I would have liked to hear more tracks. I must not grumble as what they have produced is a great sounding EP that showcases their talent and I hope this results in them releasing an album very soon.

This EP ticks all the right boxes with great sounding music, amazing vocals but it’s the lyrics that steal the show. They have that genuine feel that talks about elements of everyday life, there is some great lyrical writing on show. I love the first verse for ‘Come what May’:

Hard times hit us all
Better find the wherewithal
Gotta get up and fight another day
‘Cause life spins round and round
One day you’re up the next you’re down
And you know it’ll always go that way
You gotta get up and fight another day

There is something in their writing style that reminds me a little of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I don’t want to take anything away from the music as it sounds great, the EP shows a great mix of tempo, to the foot stomping ‘Yeah Ya Right’ to the more laid back ‘Come what May’. There is a sound here for everyone.

‘Enough’ is by far my favourite track, this song from the first listen caught my attention, there is something special about it. Again I will mention the lyrics as they talk about the difference between the rich and poor and they are delivered with a great vocal tone that tells the story with a wonderful natural feel. I like the lyrics:

You can call me crazy
Tell me I’m outta touch
But don’t tell me we got it easy
‘Cause I do believe I’ve had enough

This track also has an amazing guitar solo, it’s so good! I just love this track!!!

Come What May by ShawnNelsonMusic

I am going to start listening to the rest of Shawn Nelson’s music out there as there is something about his style that I am really enjoying. You never know, I might give them some mini reviews on here, so watch this space!

I do hope that Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds continue with some more releases and I hope its VERY soon. If you are reading this and thinking that country music is not for you, then try something new and give these guys a chance. This is a great sounding band that I am so glad Go Artist for contacting me about this band, for that I would like to thank them again ‘Thank You’. I will recommend you checking out Go Artist site out as they have a few other very cool artists for you to check out too.

Check out the links below to find out more and to hear some more great tracks that they have to offer. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to show your support and spread the word of the great sound of Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds.

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Enough by ShawnNelsonMusic