Why do I blog about music?

Last week I was asked by a guy at work about my blog, he said he has heard me speak about it few times and wanted to know a little bit more. This is how the conversation went after I explained what my blog was about:

Guy from work: Cool, how many readers do you have?

Me: Don’t know, don’t really check.

Guy from work: (shocked look) why do you bother blogging if you are not bothered about how many readers you have?

Me: It’s not that I’m not bothered but it’s not the reason why I blog

Guy from work: er, ok . . . . . that’s a bit weird (end of conversation)

I found the conversation strange, but I guess he wasn’t bothered about my reasons why I blog. So, I thought I’d write a post on why I blog about music and answer a few questions that I would ask another music blogger, I guess I’m interviewing myself. I know that may sound weird but at least it may give some answers to other people who may be interested in blogging or want to understand why I write my blog.

13inlet - Summer Girl (Acoustic) by 13inlet

Why do you write a blog about music? In a nutshell, because music is such a major part of my life, it’s not just a hobby. There are so many reasons why music is such an important part of my life, but I guess it’s about what a song can bring. For example, there is nothing like the feeling of hearing a new track and the emotion it creates in you when you are hearing something really awesome. It sounds so good that you get lost in the song, either singing along, tapping your fingers/feet or even air drumming.

I first started the blog because when I joined Twitter I got talking to a few musicians and long story short, they said I should start a blog. One of these artists was Pat Schmid from the band Monkey Trick and 13Inlet. I understand that some people read my blog and they will see that I may not be the greatest of writers but I hope they read the passion I have for the music, this is what keeps me writing.

How much time do you spend on the blog – It’s weird as I only write 2 posts per week but it seems to take up a lot of my spare time, but I enjoy it so I don’t mind. I would say most of the time is spent researching for new music than writing about it.

What have I learnt from my time writing the blog? I don’t know where to begin, it has been a huge learning curve and I have learned so much that I will give a few examples. I have learnt about the power of music fans, how they can help artists release new music with the sites like Pledge Music and Kickstarter. My first pledge project was with the amazing singer songwriter Hadleigh Ford who released his album ‘Solow’ through Pledge Music. Since then, I always like to go on these music sites to see what new music I can support.

Butterfly by Hadleigh Ford

I have also learnt more about internet radio and how it is a new way for independent musicians to get their music heard. One of my favourite internet radio stations is New Driven Radio and because of them I have found so many great new artists. These internet radio stations are always looking for new music to help promote, but they need musicians and fans to let them know as there is so much music out there. I suggested a local band called Sky Red to New Driven and because I did, this band got their first radio play (very cool)

What are the highs and low’s of blogging? This is an easy one as my answer sort of answers both highs and lows and it’s about the response I get from musicians. I love music and I love being able to be an extra voice to help spread the word of great music. When I write posts I either do it becomes I’ve found some great music and I want to share it or sometimes an artists will contact me to help spread the word.

The major low’s of my blog is when an artist asks me to write about their music and I get no thanks for doing it. I know that may sound petty but if a musicians has asked me to review their music and I have spent the time to listen then write about it, a little thank you would be nice. I’m not asking for some huge gesture of thanks, just the words ‘thank you’ would do. I won’t mention names, but there has been a few musicians that have not been in touch after a post was written.

However, on the other side of the coin, some of the messages I have received have been at times overwhelming. I have had some amazing messages of gratitude and it’s these moments that keep me blogging.

Sky Red -Tomorrow Starts Today (Demo) by Sky Red UK

Would I recommend blogging? If you have a drive or passion in what you wish to blog about then I would definitely say YES! I’m not going to lie as there are times where it’s hard work and sometimes you question why, but I would stick with. I will openly admit that in January 2012 I came very close to quitting as it felt like it was too much and my motivation had gone. However, I spoke to some other bloggers and a few musicians who reminded me why us music bloggers do what we do. For that, I am grateful.

I hope other bloggers read this and relate to what I’ve been saying. I know bloggers who talk about different topics but I think the foundations of why we blog are the same, we enjoy what we do!

As for my blog, I have no plans to stop as my relationship with music is as strong as ever. So much planned for the future and I hope you come along for the journey!