Buster Brown and the Get Downs

Last month I got recommended to check out the band ‘Buster Brown and the Get Down’. These guys from Washington DC have an awesome sound and I’m so glad that they were recommend to me (thanks to Christopher McVey from the band Redline Addiction).

I have read that the the band’s line-up has changed over the years but they have now found the right combination of musicians which include Dustin Conley (vocals & guitar), John Lee (Electric Guitar), Perry Lemmon (Percussion), Mike Echols (Bass Guitar), Michael Prior (Keyboards) and Dathan Harper aka Flex Mathews (MC). This group of guys have developed a reputation of delivering charismatic energetic music that can be described as a combination of rock, funk, jazz, hip-hop, blues and reggae.

Can't Let You Go by getdownwithbrown

So, on to the music, this band have released their album ‘Like the blink of an eye’ which lasts a lot long than that ha ha! From start to finish the album has a feel good factor that makes their music so infectious, even their slower tracks still feel good. This album has a cocktail of sounds and when I first heard this I was was kept guessing on what they were going to offer next. It just shows that this is a band that can offer variety and still deliver some great music.

This is a band that is collectively strong and together help to deliver the music. I mean that normally I would say that the vocals or guitars stand out but this time it’s EVERYONE that sounds great. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the vocals delivered by Dustin and Flex but it just adds to the already awesome sound.

Makin Love by getdownwithbrown

What tracks would I recommend of this funky little album? There are so many good tracks to choose from but I would choose ‘For boys and girls’ (which offers a nice soulful vibe with some cool vocals) and ‘Makin Love’ (this is a great little funky track). Without a doubt, my favourite song off the album has to be ‘Can’t let you go’ which feels like summer, I mean it has a happy sound that makes me think of summer, I understand it may sound weird but I’m writing what I’m feeling. This is a track that ticks all the right boxes for me, sounds so good!

Good God by getdownwithbrown

The sun is shining while I write this post and the music is sounding so good. I wish someday that I may get the opportunity to see these guys live as I imagine that they deliver a great musical experience that will leave you wanting more. If you get the opportunity to see ‘Buster Brown and the Get Downs’ perform live, enjoy it for me and let me know about it. Otherwise check these guys out and support their music, everyone needs a little funk in their life!

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