Tim McNary

I want to introduce you readers to an artist called Tim McNary who’s style of Americana has caught my attention. I would describe his music as raw country soul, the emotion in his writing shows a man who has experienced the highs and lows that life throws at us. Tim’s music has been compared to some of my favourite artists such as Ryan Adams and Ryan Bingham. When listening to his music you can hear the comparison but Tim still brings his own style to the table.

I was curious on what made him decide to follow the path of a musician and wondered who or what has inspired him. I asked Tim these questions and he was kind enough to provide these answers:

What made you decide to become a musician?

“Singing is honestly part of my earliest memories. I’ve been pulling melodies out of the air for a long time. Somehow, I didn’t get serious about music until the two years I spent in South America (principally in Guatemala,Peru and Brazil), right after I graduated from the University. It was then that I began to song write and learn to play guitar. I decided to become a full time musician after 4 unfulfilling years spent in banking. Since then I’ve slept in my van a good bit and eaten a lot of rice and beans, but never regretted my decision to dedicate my life to making music. This feels like the best use of my short time here on earth.”

Bela - While We Are Waking by McNary

Which musicians do you look to for inspiration?

“I'm especially inspired by musicians like Bon Iver who are creative in the way they orchestrate sound, while still prioritizing the emotiveness of each song. Though the music he writes doesn't especially resemble the music I write, I find the mixture of lush soundscapes and emotive song writing to be very inspirational. This is an area I’d like to experiment more with on my next EP. Paul Warner (a good friend and extremely talented and tasteful songwriter & producer) inspires me in much the same way that Bon Iver does. I’m hoping to have him produce some songs of mine in the near future.

I also greatly admire artists like Tyler Lyle (an LA based songwriter with a golden voice) whose lyrics I find to be poignant, poetic, and inventive at the same time. He inspires me in a big way to become a more skilled lyricist.”

Whenever You Call - While We Are Waking by McNary

Tim has released the EP ‘While We Were Walking’  which  is a wonderful collection of songs. This is an EP that has no frills or over production, this is all about the music (the way it should be). The music is simplistic yet complex as it provides the right atmosphere and emotion for the lyrics. Each song is a well written story that is told by Tim’s great vocal tone which has a raw honest sound to it that is great to hear. I think honest is the best way to describe this EP and I think this is the reason why it has caught my attention. This EP is a hidden gem in the vast amount of music that is available out there and deserves to be heard!

So you are probably wondering which of his tracks would I recommend. I would recommend the tracks ‘Honeysuckle Dervish’ and ‘Bela’, both tracks show off Tim’s great musical style. However, ‘Empty are We’ is amazing, I rate this song very highly and is up there with some of the great songs written by some of my favourite artists such as Ryan Adams and Glen Hansard. This is a wonderfully crafted song which has resulted in a haunting and moving track that has soul and emotion. Getting the right emotion into a song that a listener feels instantly is a rare talent. I understand that I have given this song high praise, but I’m just telling it as it is.

What is you favourite track off the album and why?

“I can’t say that I have a favourite track on the album. It is certainly the first recording effort of mine where I’ve felt I have been able to begin to capture the emotion that I feel when I perform the songs live. It is definitely a solid picture of where I was when the album was recorded, and reflects the substantial artistic growth I’ve experienced during the past few years.”

Empty Are We - While We Are Waking by McNary

What’s the future plans for your music?

“I moved to Nashville in the state of Tennessee one month ago. My reasoning for that is to challenge myself to grow both as a songwriter and musician by living in a more music centric place. A medium term plan of mine is to come out with another EP in the next 9 months. I have several songs that I think are very strong and would record professionally tomorrow if I had the funding!”

Tim had generously gave fans the option to download either or both of his EP’s on Noisetrade (click here). I recommend you head over make a donation or spread the love for his music on your social media sites. This is some amazing music waiting for your listening pleasure.

I hope with the support of his fans that he will release his new EP as I for one can not wait to hear what story his new music will tell. I feel that Tim has so much more to offer and I hope he gets the opportunity to show us that his best is yet to come.

As always I have provided some links for some of Tim’s sites and feel free to go say hello to Tim. I can honestly say that Tim is such a nice guy, he is always great to chat to. Go and listen to his music, say hello and support the great work that this artist provides for us listeners.

Website: mcnarymusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/McNaryMusic

Twitter: twitter.com/McNarymusic

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/mcnary

Bandcamp: mcnary.bandcamp.com/

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