Introducing Varwin

VARWIN cover art

I would like to introduce you to an artist who goes under the name of Varwin. He kindly contacted me to and asked me to listen to his music, I liked it and now I wish to share it with you readers.

Varwin is the stage name of the talented singer songwriter Anthony Varwin who has made it his mission to bring us his style of bluesy folk music. Here is an artist who’s music is heard with the use of an acoustic guitar, sitar and a didgeridoo. This may sound like a crazy combination, but I can confirm that it works with great effect.

Anthony (Varwin) told me that the reason he got into music was ‘My sister got a guitar in her room, but never learned, and I thought it's a pity to get an instrument and not to play it’. I’m happy that his sister neglected that guitar, because he picked it up we now have a musician who wants to bring us music that we do not just hear but also feel. He also told me ‘Lyrics and music are both important in my music. If I don't have something interesting to say or a message to say, there is no point to speak or sing or play.’ A musician driven by purpose, I like that.

Anthony has so far released the album called ‘VARWIN’ which can be downloaded free at his Bandcamp site (click here). This album is influenced by artists like Ben Harper, John Butler (who I’m a huge fan of) and Peter Gabriel. I can definitely hear this influences when listening to his album.

This album does sound raw and a little rough around the edges but I think it has an honest soul that to me is captivating. Sometimes music has to be imperfect to be amazing, if that makes sense. The blend of the instruments used in the album at times is spellbinding which results in me losing myself in the music. I wasn’t sure on the didgeridoo when I first heard the album, but I think it helps make the album stand out and is essential to the albums cool sound. Anthony raw vocal tone fits well with the music to add to it’s charm, but I feel the vocals as well as lyrics are eclipsed by the great music.

My favourite track of the album is ‘Another Day’ which has a wonderful intro that entices you in. This is Anthony’s favourite track which he describes as having ‘a kind of special soul’ and I can totally agree with him. He also mentions that ‘War is a good share’ is another favourite of his: ‘it has a great message and that's the song where all instruments melt together’

This is an album that is a grower. I feel the first listen may catch you off guard by the use of the didgeridoo but by the second listen, you will be drawn in by the album’s soul and character. A debut worthy of attention.


I know from speaking to Anthony that he is reworking some of his songs and I can’t wait to hear the end results. I know from speaking to other musicians that their musical journey is about learning and evolving, because of this I know Varwin has a great sounding future ahead of him. I will be eagerly awaiting to hear what new material he will release and to hear his natural evolution in his music.

I do recommend you have a listen to his music even if it may not be your typical sound. I really enjoy his music and it is his unique sound that caught my attention, maybe it will capture yours as well. I am thankful that Anthony brought his music to my attention, it’s been a great addiction to my collection.

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