New Driven meets My Random Jukebox

Hello to all readers both old and new. This post is something a little different as the awesome guys from New Driven Radio thought it would be a great idea for ME to be heard on their airwaves! I know! What were they thinking?

If you don’t know what New Driven Radio is, its a great place to discover music from independent musicians. They play various styles of rock from heavy rock to the lighter sound of pop rock. If you want to find out more, then head over to New Driven Radio or check out my post (click here). It’s been a fantastic source of new music for me, and I would say a large portion of my posts this year have been artists who have been given air time on their shows.

So, the amazing Sherry put the pressure on, and asked me about this blog and why I love music.  I have listened to myself and I sound nervous, I WAS!!!

I hope you enjoyed my interview and that I didn’t come across too bad. Feel free to send me a message of Twitter and Facebook with your thoughts (be kind).

I’d like to give Sherry a big shout out for putting me on the airwaves. I had fun and as you might have heard, I’m returning for more radio fun in the near future so stay tuned.