Oleander ‘Something Beautiful’

Back in 2012 I wrote a double post about a rock band that is a personal favourite of mine called OLEANDER! During this post (see Oleander Part 1 & Part 2) I spoke about my excitement that the guys were planning to release a new album. Well in April 2013, the guys released their 4th album ‘Something Beautiful’.

It’s been almost 10 years since their last album release and I will confess that I did think ‘do they still have that awesome sound?’. So was it worth the wait?, damn right it was!!!

Oleander - Fight! Featuring Uriah Faber by Oleander

The album starts of with the track ‘Fight’ which has such an impact and says ‘Hello, we are OLEANDER and we are BACK!’. This track has got that great trademark rock anthem sound that I have come to expect from these guys.

This album shows that time away from the music scene has been well spent. Their return has brought a stronger sound, by this I mean that every element of their music seems stronger. Musically their experience definitely shines through as they sound great collectively, plus their guitar riffs are still sounding awesome. I have to also say that I think Thomas’s vocals sound even better as he demonstrates a better range and control which you can hear on the softer tracks. Lyrically, they have continued with that annoying ability to get choruses stuck in peoples heads ha ha! They still know how to write a catchy hook.

The album showcases a great mix of hard rocking tracks as well as some great rock ballads to make sure that there is something here for everyone. My picks from the album are ‘Until it’s Over‘ and ‘Something Beautiful‘ which both have a gentle side but still have some bite, for me, that is when Oleander sound their best. My favourite track has to be ‘Where do we go from Here’, wow, this ballad is amazing. This song shows Thomas’s gentle tone and the band give us an emotionally filled sound. This song feels personal and I wonder what the story is behind it, hopefully they may tell me some day.

This is an album that has a great mainstream sound to grab the attention of new fans but to fans like myself it’s just another reason why we love this band and their music. I am already hoping that they have plans for another album. Fans always want music from bands who rock and these guys certainly do!

If you are a fan of rock, then give this album a listen and then BUY IT (it deserves to be in your collection). Then go to Oleander’s social media sites and tell them that their album is awesome! They love to hear from their fans, they are extra cool like that.

Band Site: www.oleander.net

Facebook: facebook.com/oleanderband

Twitter: twitter.com/OLEANDERBAND

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/oleanderband

YouTube: youtube.com/oleandervevo