Introducing Poetic Reasoning

Our debut album, available on iTunes!

One of the reasons that I really enjoy social media is the interaction I have with musicians and other music fans.

A great supporter of independent music is a friend of mine from Twitter called Nora (@CrazyForJensen) who recommended that I take some time to listen to a band called Poetic Reasoning. She said ‘Have a listen to this band, they have a unique sound and the singer's voice is incredible. Also, their songs speak to you.’ We have some similar taste in music so I gave them a listen.

Regular readers know I only blog about music I really enjoy so you can guess that I liked what I heard. From the moment I listened to the track ‘Ember Rain’ I was hooked as the vocals reminded me of 90’s rock (I love 90’s rock). When I heard the track ‘When you Lie’ the honest gentle rock vocals which Nora had described to me really caught my attention.

Poetic Reasoning are three guys, Dustin (Vocals), Brett (Guitar) and Chad (lead guitar). Together these guys create a stripped down acoustic rock filled sound which is supported by tender guitars and some emotionally filled vocals.

So far this band have released one album which is self titled and is available as a free download from their Reverbnation page (click here). The album is an honest acoustic rock album with thought provoking lyrics about life, pain, loss and hope. This may sound depressing, but it is not as the way the music is delivered is wonderful to hear.

Dustin’s vocals are raw and honest but have a tone that is very easy on the ears. He has one of those voices that I could listen to all day. These vocals are supported mainly by guitars, I say this as I could not hear any other instrument which I feel helps give this album its wonderful acoustic feel. I don’t know which is my favourite on the album between the acoustic guitar and the vocals as they both sound so good.

I have listened to this album a few times and it’s one of those albums that I get lost into the music and keep forgetting to pick a favourite track to recommend. This is a god thing with me as I’m enjoying the music and forgetting about the blogger me. However, the stand out tracks for me have to be ‘Carry me Away’, ‘The Light I Found’ and ‘When I lie’. All three tracks demostrate the bands great talent of creating music that speaks to the listener (just as Nora described to me). My favourite of them all has to be ‘The Light I Found’ as this song about finding that someone who makes you want to be a better person. Such a positive song which is delivered with that trade mark acoustic sound that I am becoming addicted to.


I got the chance to catch up with Brett from the band and ask him a few questions:

How do you describe your sound?

‘We personally think our sound integrates a few different decades of Music. A little bit of 80’s Metal, 90’s Grunge with modern melody. Since each of us was inspired by different eras of music, we do our best to incorporate all of it together.’

Who are the bands biggest musical influences? (I can definitely hear Staind).

‘With all our inspirational influences during the years our combined sound has been compared a lot to Staind, Bush, Creed (old creed), Nickelback, Seether, Goo Goo Dolls and Lifehouse which we’re huge fans of to begin with so, it’s such a great compliment being compared to them.’

I hope you guys are working on a new album, what do you have planned for the near future?

‘We currently are writing and recording for a new album. We’ve got a few songs done. We want a little more aggressive sound on our upcoming album. We are very excited about sharing our new music with everyone!’

I am really excited to hear what this new aggressive sound will be like as I hope they don’t stray away from the sound that made me a fan.  Go to the sites below to find out more about Poetic Reasoning and don’t forget if you like what you hear, then support the music and with our support these guys will release more amazing music. I also want to say thank you to Nora for introducing me to this awesome band.