Battfest 2013

Last week I talked about a festival by the name of Battfest (see post welcome to Battfest). The reason that this festival caught my attention is that it supports the independent artist and that it was available to view online. It has described itself as "free-range, organic music, straight to your computer, no artificial colours or flavours" and I couldn’t agree with them more.

As I could not make the festival in person, I decided to try my first online experience of live music by watching the festival streamed live. The live streaming supplied by Livestream was great quality and it streamed with fluidity. As the organiser Sam Batt told me before the festival, they have learnt a lot from the previous years and they wanted to improve the video quality. The difference in quality from last year was huge which enhanced the viewing experience.

There were a few live issues while watching, like mics not working at one point to camera not switching from stage to outside and vice/versa, but hey, this is the joy of of live shows. In my opinion, it would have been good to have a roaming camera around the site to give us a better feel of the festival.

One of the things I noticed while watching the coverage was how relaxed everyone seemed and I’m sure the good weather helped. Musicians commented on the happy feel there was around the campsite which added to the charm of this intimate festival.

Now to the important part of Battfest, THE MUSIC! All of the musicians were all really talented and I think the organisers did a great job of selecting a good mix of sounds. The main theme of the music was acoustic folk, but there were a few other sounds to change the tempo. There were some acts playing that were not my kind of sound, but they put on a good show. This is the thing with festivals, with so much music available there are always some that will not be your flavour like a mixed bag of sweets.

With the selection of music available and the fact that most of them I had not heard before, each act filled me with excitement as I didn’t know what kind of music I was going to listen to next, such a good feeling for a music junkie like me!

Who were my favourite the acts I got to see? There were 3 new acts that caught my attention and their performance showcased what the festival was all about, natural talent. These acts were Nick Capaldi, Flo Smart and Tess of the Circle. I did not know anything about these acts before I saw them, their music was a delight for my ears. Each act had a great acoustic sound with their own personal trait, I think you may hear more about them in the future on the blog.

The two acts that stood out to me just happened to be artists that I have previously featured on the blog, Tim Ellis (from Ghost Trains) and Lloyd Williams. Both these artists live performances lived up to my expectations. I have to mention that star of the festival goes to Lloyd Williams as his music was so amazing to hear and to watch his guitar/banjo skills in action was mesmerising. His new track ‘Learnt Nothing’ was simply beautiful to listen to.

In between the sets there was interviews with the artists which were conducted by the very cool Miss G. She had a relaxed interview technique which matched the mood of the festival and I thought she did a great job. Also in between bands, I was busy on the social media sites and have to give credit to my twitter buddies Cindy and Jen from Ladylake Music. They provided fantastic coverage of promoting Battfest and great interaction with other online festival fans.

If it wasn’t for the vision of Sam Batt then I wouldn’t have had this unique online festival experience. It was great to see the hard work from Sam and her team has paid off. I’m sure that myself and other festival participants would like to thank Battfest for a job well done.

This was a great experience but I have to admit, I wanted to be there! Let’s face it, you can’t beat the buzz of live music.I have plans to visit Battfest next year and can’t wait for the tickets to come on sale. Hopefully some of you readers might be there yourself and we can all party in the fields together to the awesome music they will have on offer.



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