Bedroom Hour ‘Themes’

Back in October 2012 I talked about an indie band called ‘The Bedroom Hour’. This band was recommended by a friend of mine on Twitter (see post Introducing Bedroom Hour).

The Bedroom Hour are Stuart Drummond (Lead Vocals), Rob Payne (Guitars and Backing Vocals), Mark Dudley (Keyboard), Dan Rider (Bass and Backing Vocals) and lets not forget Lewis Cosham (Drums). Collectively these are the guys responsible for a great indie sound that is getting well deserved attention.

I will confess that this bands style of music does not normally fit with the sound that is regularly played on my jukebox. However, this band won me over with their captivating musical style and I am pleased that they are part of my collection.

The Bedroom Hour have recently released their debut 6 track EP called ‘Themes’ which shows that this is a band with serious talent. There is something about their haunting tone and great use of the keyboard/piano that draws you into their sound. It’s weird because I have a lot of love for guitars (which sound great on the EP) but they get over shadowed by the emotional tone portrayed by Mark on the keys.

The main reason that this bands music caught my attention is Stuart’s amazing vocals. He has this wonderful natural vocal tone that he uses with great control to match the emotional of some well crafted lyrics.

The only negative comments about the EP I have is that their are some great tracks that were not included. As I was waiting for the release of this EP, I listened to some great tracks from their soundcloud site. Two great tracks that should have made the cut were ‘Heart will Haunt’ and a personal favourite of mine ‘Finger on the pulse’ (I’ve included the video later in the post).

However, my own personal critique aside, all the tracks on the EP stand out with their own unique strengths. ‘X Marks the Spot’ is the anthem of the EP which has great guitar riffs and always seems to get stuck in my head. My favourite off the EP by far is ‘Midnight Game’ which is a great example of Stuart’s amazing vocals that also show's off his great range. This haunting track has a simplistic beauty that is so enchanting.

I got the opportunity to ask the guys a few questions about the EP and their plans for the future.

The EP took longer than planned for its release, how did you feel when you heard the final cut?

‘We record and mix everything ourselves , we are perfectionists so if something needs rerecording 5,6,7 times we will do it, the recording took longer than expected due to not having the high tech equipment more professional studios have and also the fact that everyone in the band has so many ideas we are constantly adding to songs and cutting parts out !’

Which is your favourite track of the EP and why?

‘I guess we all have a different fave, that's what keeps our song writing varied and interesting! If we all had the same song as our favourite there would only be 1 song on the EP !!’

I notice on the social media sites that you guys are touring like crazy, what are you tour survival tips?

‘Don't steal another mans beer!! (or woman) but being serious you have to have a laugh otherwise you would end up killing each other!’

What’s planned next for the band?

‘At the moment we are working on the album due next year , and there may also be a little surprise around Xmas time!’

The EP lived up to my high expectations but as always, I wanted more tracks! I am now curious to know what this little surprise around Christmas is going to be (maybe a Christmas cover song?). They also mentioned ALBUM, hopefully a full showing of their music talents.

You should check the guys out in the world of social media, these guys are one of those cool bands that understand the concept of social media by interacting with their fans (very cool). Don’t forget to check out their website out for more details and gig information. I do recommend that you check out this great music by The Bedroom Hour and support their music by buying this EP.