Introducing Bottomline


I recently wrote a post about the music video website called Indie Music Videos TV (click here for post). While looking on the site I found a cool rock band called Bottomline and their track ‘Alone’ really stood out from the video crowd. As I liked the track so much, I decided to find out more about the band.

The band are Nejc Smodis (Vocals), Kristjan Seremet (Drums), Filip Skoflek (Guitar), Marko Mitric (Guitar) and Matic Scgwaiger (Bass) who are all from the city of Novo Mesto in Slovenia.

Their sound has that awesome 90’s grungy alternative rock sound which reminds me a little of a cross between Pearl Jam and Creed. With a sound like that I had to get myself a copy of their 5 track EP called ‘Solitude’ to hear more.

In your typical grunge style, the music may not be the happiest, but it still rocks. The album’s music is delivered with the right level of emotion to help translate the feelings in some well crafted lyrics. Credit to the band, considering they only formed 2012, they have achieved the balance within their sound just right. The lyrics are delivered with a great raw emotional vocal tone that helps complete the bands overall awesome sound.

My highlights from the album were easy to pick out. ‘Alone’ was the first track I heard and most first tracks by bands seem to stick with me. I also like the lyrics about missing that special someone. My favourite off the album is ‘1000 Defeats’, I really like how the lyrics talk about the price of reaching the top which are delivered with a regretful emotion. The vocals on this track show off Nejc’s great vocal talent.

Overall, this EP lived up to my expectations from the tracks I had already heard before my purchase. This is a very underrated release and shows that Bottomline is a band with some serious talent. I can’t wait to hear more from the band. 

I caught up with Nejc Smodis (vocals) and asked him a few questions about the band, influences and future plans.

How did your choose the band name Bottomline?

‘Its actually a funny story, we had very little time to choose a name because we had a big festival coming up and the deadline for the line up was just a few hours away! We actually had a few names in the final round but then we went with Bottomline. The reason was a little because of the actual meaning of the word, a little because we are in the bottom line when listed and maybe a little bit because of the word play it offers.’

Who are the bands biggest musical influences?

‘All 5 of us have different influences grunge, hard core punk, rock n roll, techno, metal core, nu metal. It is a combination of all these and more, a lot more (check out more on their website The influences are of course constantly changing as we grow.’

Which is you favourite track of the EP and why?

‘I guess every individual member has a favourite song but if we have to make a collective decision we would probably say; "Alone" because we felt it best represented us at that time. My favourite however is still "Worth-while" (see video below), just for the lyrics i guess, but Its still hard to say and pick one. We are much more excited about our new material and can't wait to share it.’

Tell me a random fact or story about the band

‘Bottomline had our first big concert on a festival (1000 people or more) and had a music video done within our first 2 months of being together as a band! The band was assembled in Feb/March of 2012.’

What do have Bottomline have planned next? (another album?)

‘Yeah, the plan is to record the LP album very soon, probably in September. We have about 15 completed original songs and a few more in the making. We are also making a few more videos and have plans to play live as much as possible! The next big thing is to try and do an American tour.’

As a fan of most 90’s rock, Bottomline music is a journey back to a great era of rock (in my opinion). I can’t wait to hear the new album as the way they have talked about the new music it’s going to be a natural evolution to their sound. No doubt when the album is released you will be able to read about it here. Until then, check out the links below to keep up to date with what’s happening in their world and help to support their music, I know I will.