Como Brothers ‘Baby Steps’

imageIt doesn’t seem that long ago that I was talking about The Como Brothers Band and their EP ‘Still Waters’ (see post HERE). These guys are not slowing down as they have recently released their debut album ‘Baby Steps’.

If you don’t know who these guys are then let me tell a little more about the band. The Como Brothers Band features the talented brothers Andrew (guitar/vocals) and Matt (bass/vocals) who are joined by Tim Costello (keyboards/vocals), John O'Keefe (percussion/vocals) and not forgetting Jeremy Scalchunes (drums). Together they create a sound that I can only describe as alternative pop as they have a mix of different genres that is rolled up in a catchy pop melody. If someone mentions pop music to me my response is never favourable as I think modern pop music seems to lack something. However, the music that the Como Brothers create is making pop music cool again as you can hear their influences like Stevie wonder and The Beatles in their sound.

I got the chance to speak to Andrew Como from the band to ask him about working on the new album ‘Baby Steps’.

What was it like to be working on a first full length album?

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Everything about working on our first full length was a great experience.  From writing the songs to putting on final production touches, it was something that was constantly as creative as it was entertaining.  We recorded the album with Mike Watts and Tom Flynn at VuDu Studios, and they truly made each 10 hour day feel like it was only 30 minutes long.  We really didn't want to leave.  Once the album was all set and done, Matt and I were already planning on returning to record more. 

Recording our first full album was also a massive learning experience.  We feel that everything that happened in the studio has made us that much more seasoned for when we return to record our sophomore album.

What were your goals when planning the album?

Our main goal was that we wanted to be as creative and original as we were accessible to listeners.  The objective was to be as transparent as possible because we want to be heard by the masses.  We wanted our songs to emote feelings.  We didn't want people to have to think too much when listening to our music; we want them to just feel.

What is your favourite track from the release?

My favourite track is Straight Face.  It's just my favourite one to play and sing live and to show people. 

You guys are always busy with your music, what is planned for the rest of 2013 and for 2014?

Well, coming up very soon we're opening for American Idol Winner David Cook at 89 North in Patchogue on October 25th @ 7:00 PM.  We're really excited for that show because David Cook has a very loyal fan base, and it's going to be a great experience to be a part of something like that (which you can get tickets HERE). As far as 2014 goals, we really want to get on a tour, so we're currently looking into that.  As always, Matt and I are also constantly writing and working on new material.

So, you know about the band and a little about them working on the new album, but is ‘Baby Steps’ any good? Of course it is! From the start you are welcomed in with the track ‘Gotta be True’ which is a funky pop track with a catchy hook and I feel symbolises what these guys do best. This is also one of my favourite tracks off the album and it is the perfect track to start it.

The rest of the album continues with their radio friendly upbeat sound, even their slower tracks still sound positive. The band are great together and collectively deliver a great mix of sounds which include rock, funk, soul, blues and pop. How the music is put together alongside the catchy lyrics is a credit to their songwriting ability (which I think is their biggest talent) and I feel is getting stronger which you can hear throughout ‘Baby Steps’.

As for my favourite tracks from the album this is a weird one for me as they have promoted their songs ‘Straight Face’ and ‘Late Nights’ which I don’t feel are their strongest tracks. For me, I have to highly recommend ‘Gotta be True’ and ‘Broken’ as they have that cool sound that I expect from the guys, but the cream of the crop was an easy choice of ‘Only Me’. You can listen to the album in full on their Bandcamp site here, so head on over and listen to more of their great tracks and choose your own favourites.

With two EP’s and an album released within two years these guys are not lacking creativity. Even though these guys have released so many tracks in a short period of time, they have learnt so much and I feel this collection of songs is their best to date.

These guys are on the rise to big things as not only is their music getting wonderful reviews they have been supporting some great artists including Jillian Jensen, David Cook and the awesome Wallflowers. This is not the last that you will hear about The Como Brothers as I strongly believe their best is still to come! If you like some cool upbeat alternative pop with a funky twist then ‘Baby Steps’ is the album for you!