Sometimes when you are listening to music you will come across an artist or band that catches your attention but their sound is different to what you normally listen to. I want to introduce you to a band who fits that description called ‘Kismet Ryding’.

This four piece made up of Mike Freeman (vocals), Josh Humphreys (guitar), Tom Humphreys (bass) and Jazz White (drums) describe their sound as Psychedelic Garage Rock. I find it hard to describe it, but one thing I do know is that they know how to rock it out!  

‘Kismet Ryding’ have recently released their 6 track EP ‘Look.See.Don’t.Trip’ (which is a random title). When listening to this EP I can hear so many bands which must have influenced them and this is why I find it hard to describe their sound but I think this is one of the reasons they have caught my attention.

The EP starts off with my favourite track ‘Last Nights Stains’ which kicks in with an infectious beat which is followed by Mike’s cool vocals and then the band join in the party. This track reminds me a little of ‘The Hives’ with it’s energetic rock vibe and catchy chorus, I imagine this track is amazing to hear at gigs.

The rest of the EP continues with the same energetic sound that has a swagger to it but in a good way. I love when I listen to this band I can actually HEAR each band member playing their part which is rare for me. They all sound great and every time I listen to the EP I hear something new in the layers of their songs. I notice  from other views that Mike gets a lot of love for his very cool vocal style which I do enjoy, but it is the rest of the band that stand out for me. There is something special about the sound they create that makes this band stand out from the crowd. I have to mention the lyrics which are delivered superbly by Mike. These guys know how to write a damn catchy track, after one listen I had some of their songs stuck in my head!

All 6 tracks on the EP are strong with no sign of weakness (watch the video below to hear samples of each track). With so many top tracks to choose from picking my favourites was difficult. However, both ‘Last Nights Stains’ and ‘Look.See.Don’t.Trip’ stand out with their high energy crazy good time sound.

The guys are currently busy playing lots of gigs and promoting the EP but they spared me some time to answer a few questions. This is what they had to say.

Kismet Ryding? How did the band’s name come about as it sounds unusual.

‘Kismet means fate/destiny and due to the natural way that things flowed, including even how we became a band, we joked that we were "riding" fate.’

How would you describe the bands sound?

‘Psychedelic garage rock, or Brit rock, or both!’

What was your goal when you started to create the new EP and how did you feel when you heard the finished product?

‘The goal was basically to get our new material down on record, to try and get everybody to hear it and hopefully take us to "the next level". We was, and still are, extremely pleased with the finished product, it sounds great. We've managed to capture our live energy in the recordings, which is what we wanted as our live performance is such an important factor for us as a band.’

What’s next for Kismet Ryding? Too soon to hope for a full album?

‘We are currently writing more new material, once the EP release has been dealt with, along with a new single and music video, a full length album will be the next thing on the cards for us!

I am a fan of the music by ‘Kismet Ryding’ and their style of music even though it may not be my typical sound. This is a credit to the band and their cool sound that can convert listeners like me. I’m so glad to have their EP as part of my music collection and it should be part of yours too. If you like what you have heard then click HERE to purchase yourself a copy of their EP ‘Look.See.Don’t.Trip’. Do it NOW and join the party! 

Bandsite: kismet-ryding.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/KismetRydinguk

Twitter: twitter.com/KismetRyding

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kismetryding

Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/kismetryding